Monday, November 26, 2007

Sweet Pea's First Thanksgiving

Dru turned one week old on Thanksgiving! We went to my parent's house for the first time as a family. Oh how our lives have changed. We weren't sure how my mom was going to be able to cook and hold Dru at the same time but luckily she was pretty close to done preparing the meal when we arrived. I think she planned it that way.

We want to thank my aunt LeAnn for the wonderful meals she provided us last week. They were delicious as well as greatly appreciated. Having a newborn surely doesn't leave much time for cooking (not that I do any of that normally).

The first pic is of my sister, Heather, holding her niece on Thanksgiving. The next two are also from Thanksgiving and the last one is from yesterday.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and got great deals on Black Friday. Dru and I missed out on the shopping rush this year but maybe we'll try it next year.

Today was my first trip out without Dru. I didn't realize how difficult a quick run to Walmart would be. I realized while driving that I hadn't been without her since February. What a strange emotion. Just a few tears...ok so more than a few :) I hope I can hold it together for dinner on Thursday.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dru's First Outing

Today was Dru's first well child doctor appointment. It went smoothly and she did really well. The doctor felt she was healthy and doing well. Now that she will have milk hopefully she will gain some weight. Here are pics taken just before we left for the appointment.

What A Blessing!

Baby Dru came home on Saturday afternoon and has been a wonderful gift. She is a healthy little peanut. I am feeling better each day and still seem to be running on adrenaline. I'm sure that will wear off soon and I will be in more of a daze than I already am. I love my sleep and for those of you who warned us, you didn't lie, you don't get much.

I can't believe she is really ours! Here are some pics from the last 5 days.
Pictures in order
1) Dru's first bath
2) Dru's hospital photo shoot
3) Dru's aunt Heather and cousin Reed
4) The ride home from the hospital
5) Sleeping angel

Friday, November 16, 2007

Please Welcome: Dru Lizann Robole

Dru has already found her thumb.

Happy Birthday Dru!

Heidi brought little Dru into the world on November 15, 2007.
Time: 7:43 pm
Weight: 7 pounds 13 ounces
Lenghth: 20 inches

Dru is a very healthy and content baby. She hardly made a sound last night. Although the girl can eat. She could be the most beautiful baby ever born.

Heidi is doing well and did a great job yesterday. She made it look easy. Julie is also doing well and ready for the challenge of being a parent.

Congratulations on the new addition to the Robole Family!!

*Middle name comes from Heidi's great-grandma Liza and Julie's grandma Ann.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2 days 'til induction...

Well, here I am 4 days past my due date...

It is really setting in that I will most likely be induced Thursday morning. Of course Sweet Pea is being stubborn already! I am bummed about the induction which can lead to a C-section which I also don't want. I know I am supposed to be flexible but the waiting is quite frustrating.

Sunday Julie checked online for what was suggested to get labor started. Needless to say she found quite an array of things so we tried a few. We went for a long walk, I took a warm bath, I ate chocolate for the caffeine, she gave me a foot massage, we did jumping jacks and I have been bouncing on the exercise ball. Today I ate fresh pineapple. Nothing worked, clearly.

We went to have a bio-physical profile (brief ultrasound) yesterday. This was to check to see if Sweet Pea is doing ok. The sonographer checked fluid level, fetal "breathing" (motion of breathing), fetal movement, and heart rate. Each scores 2 points and all was well for a total of 8 points. If all wasn't well we would have begun the induction yesterday.

We did get a few face pictures. The head is down so they aren't as clear as 20 weeks ago :) The first one is a profile and the second is of the face. Like I said not as easy to identify.

Sorry for those whose birth pool dates have come and gone, better luck next time!


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fully Cooked!!

Well, the day has finally come! Sweet Pea is finally done! As of tomorrow, I will be 40 weeks pregnant!

I had a doctors appointment today and there is no plan to induce until next Thursday. So keep an eye on those birth pools!

Keep your fingers crossed that the next post will be pictures of the baby!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

One more week (I hope)

I am tired and uncomfortable just in case you are wondering :)

So here are the pics many of you have been requesting...
Obviously 2 are of the nursery, one is the big version of me and the other is a poem from the favor given out at the shower hosted by my sister and mom.
I went to the doctor today and nothing too exciting. Everything is going fine, a little progress but no sense of when the baby will be joining us. I am still working and will continue until I am no longer able.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!