Monday, September 17, 2007

Family Baby Shower

On August 31st Julie and I had our first shower. This was for the most part my side of the family. It was hosted by my aunt Yvonne (my mom's sister) and her two daughters, Amy and Jen. The evening was perfect which also included dinner! We played some not so painful games and of course opened gifts. The hosts made a shower "cake" made of diapers and then decorated with baby items. I will put a picture of it on here later since it was gender specific. But take my word for it, totally adorable!!

Julie and I want to thank Yvonne, Amy and Jen for hosting the shower for us and everyone for coming to celebrate our little Sweet Pea!

We have a few more showers in the next few weeks. This Saturday the 22nd my friends from Medtronic will be having one, then the women from Mesaba Airlines (Julie's work) will be hosting one on Friday the 28th, my sister is hosting one for my friends and Julie's family on Saturday the 29th and then my new coworkers are having one in October. It is overwhelming the support we have gotten and we again want thank all of our friends and family.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ultrasound Pic

Here is a pic of Sweet Pea. I labeled the pic so I hope that helps. The eyes would be at the top but they are hidden in the darkness. Good images are getting harder to get as the head is now typically down. The mouth is slightly open. This is also a view that proves there is not a cleft lip.