Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012


This was Leo's first year he was willing to wear a costume, this was the one and only photo with him wearing the helmet. He even got to pick it out.

The first house we visited

Back at G & G's house, tired, bags full and ready to have a few pieces of candy.
Every year we head to my parent's house for "Halloween Soup" then head out for trick or treating. This year the weather was perfect, around 50 degrees. Just a little fall chill in the air. They definitely had more energy this year as we added about another 5 houses. They had a great time and so did Grandpa John. Grandma Sue missed out this year, but don't feel sorry for her, she was in Arizona.
Happy Halloween!!

Leo's First Dentist Visit

Leo was a brave boy! After watching Dru get her quick check up, Leo hopped right up onto the chair and opened his mouth! They both got a great report, thank goodness!

Fall 2012 Swimming Lessons

This was the first session that I didn't have to get into the water with a child for swimming lessons. I actually enjoyed being on the pool deck so I could watch them both, and they happened to be in the same class. They didn't graduate to the next level but will be together again next time. It is so much easier to get them showered and dressed now. They attend lessons at the YMCA and will be in the Pike class again next time so they can continue working on swimming independently, their front and back floats and putting their face in the water for a longer period of time. Here are a few photos of their last lesson with Mr. Andre.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jumper Fun!

Here comes Reed!

At the finish line

There were jumpers, slides and obstacle courses EVERYWHERE!

This was popular with all three kids and even Grandpa John

Grandma Sue and Reed playing dome hockey
Reed was spending the day with Gma & Gpa due to a no school day so we surprised them with a trip to Club Just Jump. The kids didn't stop moving for the whole hour. They had a great time and it was nice to spend some time with Reed during the week! We hope we can do this again soon!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Grand Marais Trip - Day 4

On Wednesday we had breakfast in town and then went to the lake so they could throw more rocks. We shopped for some shirts then headed home. We stopped for lunch and after lunch we went to Split Rock State Park where we went down to the rock beach. It was very nice and relaxing. After Split Rock we made it to Duluth for a potty break then finally home. The kids seemed to really enjoy the trip and have been asking when are we going back. The north shore really does leave a lasting impression on a person.
A rare family photo

Split Rock beach

Some of the beautiful colors

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grand Marais Trip - Day 3

For our third day we started with a drive up the Gunflint Trail. We stopped to take a short hike then continued on to the Gunflint Lodge. The kids fed the ducks on Gunflint Lake and we drove back to town. We were surprised that we didn't see any wildlife on our drive. We got back to town for lunch and I made a trip to a chiropractor since my back went out on me. After naps we went back to the harbor for more rock throwing and then to Hughie's Tacos for dinner. We thought the tacos were delicious. We went to get jammies on and back to see if we could catch a glimpse of the northern lights.
Birch Lake

Feeding the ducks at Gunflint Lake

Another beautiful sunset at the Grand Marais overlook

We got smart when waiting for the northern lights on night two.
We did not see any, but the peace and quiet while watching the sunset was worth it.

Grand Marais Trip - Day 2

Day two began with a required stop at the World's Best Donut Shop (and we agree). There was a little chill in the air but it was still nice enough to be outside. We spent the day wandering around town, we checked out Artist's Point and spent time by the lake. It was a pretty relaxing day.
After Mommy could get herself out of bed, we made it for donuts!

Leo could throw rocks into the water for hours

Headed to Artist's Point where we saw some people painting on canvas

On Artist's Point

Though the fall colors were past peak, there were still some pretty trees around

Watching the sunset in town

Waiting "patiently" to see if there would be northern lights at the overlook (no such luck)

The moon rose over the horizon while we waited.

Grand Marais Trip - Day 1

We just got back from a 4 day trip to Grand Marais, MN. Before we left we had to clear up the confusion of Grand Marais vs. Grandma Ray. Dru wasn't sure who that was. Hilarious! We drove up on Sunday with a stop in Hinckley for lunch, next to Duluth where saw boats going under the lift bridge, then on to see Gooseberry Falls and finally into Grand Marais. Here are some photos from our trip up the north shore.
The fog rolled in just as we got to the Lift Bridge
Enjoying the rocks

Cheese :)

Gooseberry Falls