Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Church Christmas Program

Both kids again performed in the church Christmas program. They both enjoy performing and we enjoyed watching them learn the songs and then perform them. This was the first year Dru spent the entire program in the front on the risers. She did seem to lose interest near the end but made it without incident. Leo sang his songs then came back to sit with us. All four grandparents were able to watch them sing as well. Here are some videos to enjoy!
"Get Ready"

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Leo's Daycare Christmas Program

On Saturday December 14th Leo and his class performed two songs and a little sketch for us. Here are the songs they sang. He just couldn't leave his tie alone. Goof. They did really well, I love watching little kids sing. He is one who will let us in on little bits of what he learns whether it be songs or anything else. It is nice to have a time when we see him put it all together.

Ready to sing

Leo and his buddy Louden

Ali, Austin, Louden, Leo, and Alex