Monday, October 21, 2013

MEA Weekend Mini Vacation

Julie decided to book a few days at a waterpark in Owatonna over MEA weekend. It was a perfect set up for the kids. Dru even got to a point of being able to go down the slide without a floatie. Leo went down the slides at least 50 times. He loved what we called the "butt" one. The other one required a tube. My parents joined us on this little adventure and even grandpa went down the slides a bunch. We brought some dive toys as well so Leo got some under water practice.
The water park had two big slides, a kiddie slide, a zero entry area with fountains, a basketball pool and a "lazy river". I put it in quotes because it was more of a lazy oval. Leo was apparently not tall enough for the slide but we didn't realize that until a lifequard pointed it out. They let him continue sliding, thank goodness. We stayed in a family suite that was the closest room to the pool and arcade. We were able to bring snacks, drinks and breakfast food to have in the room. There is a restaurant attached to the hotel so we utilized that a few times.
We spent a few hours at Cabela's which is a huge outdoorman store next to the hotel. The kids enjoyed seeing the animals and fish as well as testing out the tents and ice fishing houses.
I think this trip was a success!
Having fun!!

Riding the double slide with grandpa

Kiddie slide

zero entry area

View of the big slides

Goof ball

Hippo kisses

Grandpa John was having fun too!

Leo driving in the arcade

Apples and Park

Now that Dru is in school, Leo and I get to spend some quality time together. A few Tuesdays ago we spent the day taking a road trip. My mom also joined us this time. We called my friend Jody and asked if we could stop by. Luckily she was home! They have an apple orchard and a really cool swing. She even let us take some apples home with us. It was a perfect day out so when we left her house we went to a nearby playground at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve. After leaving the park we had lunch in Hudson, WI and then to pick up an antique desk for the kids in New Richmond, WI. Once we finally got back into town it was time to pick Dru up from school. I really enjoy the time with Leo, and will definitely be sad when they are both in school next year.
Picking apples, with a twist

Leo in the orchard

Can you tell he liked this swing?

At Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend in Iowa

Last weekend the kids and I went to see my Grandma in Iowa. It usually takes about 3 hours to get there but in this case it took almost four. There was road construction from Lakeville to Albert Lea so most of that stretch was down to one lane. It was also VERY dark out. We arrived safely and I sent the kids to bed.
 Saturday morning was cold and rainy so we spent much of it inside. I did force them into a bike ride but with the weather it was a short one. After their nap, I took them to a park. They love the merry go rounds and Dru loves to push them more than ride them. Each park we went to (4 in 2 days) had one. We had fun playing, swinging and climbing. I was able to see Dru conquer the monkey bars. It was fun to watch and she is proud of herself. We played GO FISH a bunch of times with Grandma Lois. I think she enjoyed it as much as they did. After the kids went to bed, I beat the pants off her in Yahtzee and Farkle. Ha!
Sunday morning I brought them to another park in the morning, we had lunch and then headed out of town. We made a quick stop to see my great aunt Ruth and to play at another park. I took a different route home, so the long drive home was not quite so painful. It was nice to spend a relaxing weekend with my grandma in small town Iowa. Leo said in the car on the way home, "Next time we come to Grandma Lois' can we stay longer?". So sweet.
Merry Go Round

They really do love each other


Climber and soon to be climber

Playing Go Fish

In the shed, formerly a cow barn 

Riding the tricycle

Our monkey

The kids with Grandma Lois on her front steps