Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jake's Open House

Mike, Marlys, Bob, Dru, Jake, Leo, Julie

Our nephew, Jake, graduated with honors from Apple Valley High School on June 2nd. We were able to celebrate with him at his open house on the evening of June 15th. It was nice to see lots of Julie's family that we don't see very often. Jake's friends were really good with the kids and would let them play the bean bag game with them or chase them around. Jake will be studying structural engineering at the University of Minnesota this fall. We are very proud of him!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kara's Graduation & Open House

My cousin Kara graduated from Eagan High School on June 2nd.  She graduated with honors which was no surprise as she has always been a smart one and was a member of the National Honor Society. Dru and I were able to watch her walk across the stage and receive her diploma. We are so proud of her as she begins her new chapter at Drake University this fall. We love you, Kara! 

Kara with her parents

with Grandma Lois

with Dru and Reed

the graduate

Kara's open house was the following weekend. It was hot and sunny but it was perfect in the shade.  The kids thought the cake pops were spectacular as that is pretty much all they ate. The photo posters, scrapbooks my aunt made, and photo slideshow were great to see how she has grown. It's hard to believe she is going off to college already!! It was a fantastic party!

about their 5th cake pop

photo display

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Toy Truck Crisis

On the Friday before Memorial Day Leo gave us a little scare. I got a call from daycare saying Leo had a toy truck stuck on his finger. His finger was stuck around the rear axle to the first knuckle. The staff tried vegetable oil without success, then Julie went to try and cut it off but he would scream and swing his arm around. The paramedics were called and shortly after I arrived a police officer showed up. Leo was so in awe of the police officer he stayed perfectly still so the officer could cut the axle. His finger was completely fine so there was no need for the paramedics. He sure had us worried. When daycare calls, I never know what we are in for.

Big Boy Bed

Amazingly, Leo never once got out of his crib on his own. But once he turned three it was time for him to get into a toddler bed so he can climb in and out. He is thrilled to have this independence. We've had only a few nights of trouble but mostly he has been good about going to sleep. It sure is nice not to have to lift 38 lbs out of a crib anymore!! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

End of the Sunday School Year

Thank you the 7 volunteers who helped this year in the 3 year old class! Dru had a wonderful time learning from you and enjoyed going to church each week. Ms Olivia and Mrs Cindy were there for the last class. (and yes I cried).

Another Trip to the Children's Museum

Painting her face

Playing in very soft sand

A raised stream with paint brushes

Leo loved to watch the brushes float down stream