Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Road Trips

We went to Des Moines for a pool party with our friends, Andrea and Lynn. Dru is walking around the yard looking at the beautiful flowers with Andrea. Lynn is feeding Leo. We have known them for almost 10 years!

The following weekend we took another 4 hour trip to Bemidji for our friends wedding reception. Heather and Brent were wed that afternoon in an outdoor ceremony on the shore of Lake Bemidji. The reception included a walleye fish fry and delicious cake! It lightly rained but not enough to damper the festivities. We wish them many years of peace and fulfillment!

This picture of Leo is also at the reception, and if you notice, Dru is in background. She spent the afternoon in the rain running around the yard with the other kids in attendance. She was quite wet but had a great time! :)

First Visit to the Zoo

Dru, Leo and I went to the zoo in July. The big exhibit was called "Africa" so we were able to get pretty close to this giraffe. The platform we were on was where people could pay to feed them. It was CRAZY with people so we just watched for a bit then moved on. The kids did great, we were there for about 5 hours! We hope to go back this fall.

We hung out for a while watching the fish, so we could be in the shade and I could feed Leo. It kept Dru occupied and she met another girl her age so they watched together :)