Friday, April 25, 2014

Arizona - part 2

On our second day in Arizona we started out meeting my aunt Yvonne and two of my cousins. We had heard a lot about the amazing breakfast at T.C. Eggintons so it was great to finally try it out. It was quite good even though the service was really slow. It was a short visit but we were able to meet my cousin Jen's boyfriend, Greg. After breakfast we headed to my Grandma Lois' house to take in another swim. 

While we swam a man was playing the piano. The kids were intrigued and wanted to stay and watch. Unfortunately kids have to leave the pool area by 2:30pm. Next up Grandpa John took them on a golf cart ride. After leaving Grandma Lois' we headed back to Scottsdale for an evening swim, then off to bed.

I think they like Chris just a little

Family time at breakfast

Off to the pool

Us :)

Sweet girl 

Grandma Lois in the shade

piano player

golf cart rides never get old

Arizona - part 1

Over MLK day weekend, I took the kids to visit family and friends in Arizona. We had some difficulty getting there, it took us 4 flights to actually get seats. The kids did really well on the airplane and as soon as we got there they were thrilled with the warmth. They got into their swimsuits with lightning speed. They did stop to open a present from Grandma Sue and Grandpa John. We had lunch, went for a swim, had dinner and wrapped up the day with a walk around the complex enjoying the flowers and green grass. I'm sure the kids wouldn't mind moving to where there are more warm days and no snow.

Valentine's Day gifts

Hurry up, Mom, we want to get in!

Looks a bit sunny

Walking at sunset

There were flowers of every color blooming

Sunset is easy to enjoy when it isn't below zero out

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shower for Baby Wren

At the beginning of February Tracy Smith and I threw a baby brunch (aka shower) for our good friend, Desi, who was pregnant with her first child and due April 12th. Desi and her wife, Becky, were married in August and had always wanted to be mothers. We served egg bake, French toast bake, fruit and dessert. We couldn't be more excited for them. It was a nice day to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their daughter who we now know as Kaylee Marie Wren!
pink and white chevron d├ęcor
games: Baby Bingo & Mommy Lingo

So cute! :)

Dru and me with Tracy (in pink) and Desi

Water Park

Over President's Day weekend we took the kids to a local waterpark for two nights. Inside the Holiday Inn Maple Grove is a big water park with two three story water slides, lily pad crossing, basketball, and an area for the little ones. The kids loved the bunk bed, the game room and just being away from home. We spent most of the time in the hotel, though the one time we did go outside was only across the parking lot. We brought them to Dave & Buster's for the first time. It was so crazy in there! The wait to eat was an hour at 4pm on a Saturday so we decided to play first then go back to the hotel to eat. The kids were having a blast while we chased them around carrying their coats and game tickets, kept track of their cards, pointed them towards games they could play and finally helped them pick out their prizes. The moms were exhausted and over stimulated. Overall the weekend was really fun, we were glad to have some quality time together.
 bunk bed

lily pad crossing

in the gondola

view of the slides, bball and lily pads

view of the little kids area

the seats moved with the video

1000 tickets!!

guarding the air hockey goal

trying to rally

Science Fun

This winter was absolutely brutally cold. On a particularly frigid day I concocted a few science experiments. The kids didn't have a long attention span for them but enjoyed them anyway.  First we used food coloring in milk and used a cotton swab with dish soap on it to see what it did to the colors. Then we used liquids to see them separate out due to their type (safflower oil, water, & dish soap). And ended with two showings of the boiling water into mist when thrown into the -22 degree air (no photos for safety reasons). After they moved on to other things I made the set up for frozen luminaries. I learned that it took longer to freeze then I thought. They didn't turn out perfectly but it was still fun to try.

food coloring runs away from dish soap in milk

Only works a time or two then they stirred the colors together

oil on top, water in middle, dish soap on bottom

Set up for frozen luminaries

Chrstmas Day 2013

After opening gifts at home we went to Grandma and Grandpa Millner's house. Of course there were more gifts to open. We drank mimosas, ate caramel rolls and egg bake and watched the kids open their piles of gifts. It sure seems to get out of hand! They loved every one and were ready to continue the celebration at the Bloom's house. The kids did pretty well with such a busy and over stimulating holiday. Thanks to all of those who thought of us during the holiday season with cards, gifts or even a text. We are blessed!

Not a bad photo of us

with Gma and Gpa
Leo nearly buried in gifts

Her pile was just as big
Heather and Reed

I love this pose

Hotwheels jump for the tub!

Our Viking princess
Jen's cousin's gift, a book of our 2013 stories

Dessert time

Dessert time
Our Minnesota family

Christmas Morning 2013

Christmas morning Dru came to our room and was so excited that Santa had been there! She was jumping up and down with joy! I think it was around 6:45am. We said we needed to wake up Leo before we went to the living room. Leo wasn't (and isn't) a fan of being woken up but he knew it was for a good reason. Dru lead him to see what Santa had brought. They started with their stockings then passed out the gifts. I think they both had a great morning!
unicorn and penguin lights

Looks like a they must have been good

happy kids

Christmas Eve 2013

Ok, so I realize I am behind. With the wedding planning, the blog had to take a back seat. So here is my attempt to catch up! 

We spent Christmas Eve with the Roboles like we do each year. Julie made sure to have the bottles of Coke for the boys since she couldn't find the right ones last year and figured they wouldn't miss it. Boy, was she wrong! We enjoy our time together since we don't see them as often as we'd like. The kids were spoiled as usual.


cousins (Jake, Dru, Nick, Leo, Zach)

Nice! She came through with the Coke!

Even the little ones got to have one this year