Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Evening 2009

Can you tell Dru is so tired she can't even smile? :)
Reed and Dru were having a blast with the beads.
Christmas evening we went to the Bloom's (my aunt, uncle and cousins) house for dinner and family time. Our annual $2 gift game increased to $3 due to inflation. The food was delicious and the company was perfect. The day surely doesn't seem long enough to fit everything in.

Christmas Morning 2009

This was Dru's first Christmas that she began to understand about Santa. She seemed to put the together the concept of seeing Santa and that he brought her and Leo the gifts she asked for. Dru got a baby doll stroller with a new baby doll and Leo got a dump truck and bus. We opened Santa's gifts then went to my parent's house for breakfast and to open presents with my family. Dru and Leo took naps during present opening so we were able to focus in Reed. He is at the perfect age to enjoy Christmas!
I added the pic of our backyard, notice the pine trees sagging terribly with the heavy snow!!

Christmas Eve 2009

We spent Christmas Eve with Julie's family. We enjoyed Cossetta's pizza and appetizers. It was a low key evening which is refreshing in the stress of the holidays. Dru and Leo are sitting with their cousins Jake (15), Zach (12), and Nick (8).

Christmas Storm 2009

The snow storm over Christmas gave us many inches of very heavy snow. We shoveled off the deck and Dru decided she wanted to "help". She would try to push the snow but eventually figured out throwing snow chunks around to see them break apart was more fun.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

More photos of our house

Family room
Living Room

From Kitchen into Dining Room and Living Room
These were taken before the Christmas decorations were put up.
We wish all of you following our blog a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Leo 7 months

Leo is 7 months already!! He is a big boy weighing in at over 22 lbs! He hasn't mastered rolling over yet though is very close to getting all the way from back to tummy. He loves to sleep on his left side. He was sick just before Thanksgiving with the flu (possible H1N1 but they don't test anymore) which turned into pneumonia. It was very sad to hear him wheezing and not feel well. He now is being treated for an ear and eye infection. Through everything he hasn't lost his wonderful personality. He is an easy audience, he laughs all the time. Now his biggest interests are his hands and feet.
We are looking forward to his first Christmas. He met Santa for the first time yesterday and did really well, as did Dru. He is still chatting a lot but it is getting quite a bit louder! He doesn't like to be left alone in a room and lets us know it. He will soon have his first haircut, I'm not ready because I know he'll lose his baby look. He isn't sleeping through the night yet, but does sleep 8 hours.
I hope you all enjoy your time with family and friends this week!