Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Moms

Mama and Me

Mommy and Me

First Week of Daycare

Ok, so I knew it would be hard, but clearly not aware how much I would struggle. I was crying so hard when we dropped her off Wednesday morning I couldn't talk. Julie had to talk for me. We had to wake her up, which she is not used to nor fond of and we dropped her off around 7am. I cried all the way to work, and off and on all day. I think my co-workers were a bit confused on how to handle me. I only called to check on her twice. Both times she was doing well except that she was only drinking half of her bottle.

She was sleeping when I went to pick her up. Of course she was even more confused to see my face when I woke her up. It was a bit overwhelming for both of us. Today wasn't quite as terrible. I still struggled but no tears. She ate a little better and gave the ladies more smiles and giggles. Here is what she looked like when I picked her up... I did laugh a bit when I got over the shock!

(Her face says it all! I guess the girls didn't see the results of the poll.)

Earth Day

We try to be green here at the Robole house. So we wanted Dru to send her request to you...

(onesie courtesy of our friend Desi -

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Cereal Feeding (5 months)

Dru turned 5 months yesterday. Grandma and Grandpa Robole came home from Arizona on Friday so they are getting reacquainted with her. Also tomorrow she will meet Great Grandma Lois for the first time. She hasn't met her yet.

Also, yesterday we gave her a taste of rice cereal mixed with formula. She wasn't too sure about it but did fine. Eating from a spoon will take some practice.

Rolling Over!

Dru is now consistently rolling over tummy to back! She's now really good at it and we're working on back to tummy. Isn't she the cutest!!! One more week and she'll be in daycare. She coughed a bit tonight so I think she is already trying to get out of going, "See Moms, I'm sick and need to stay home." :) No, dear that's just you choking on your drool...