Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kindergarten Registration

We were required to attend kindergarten registration for Leo at our local school. This way the school could collect his paperwork. He was really excited and had no problems checking the place out. We also weren't sure if he would be going there or not so it was a good idea to check things out.

He went straight for the bookshelf

Checking out the games

Loved using the big boy bathroom

Once we found out he was accepted to our school of choice, we went to the new student orientation in St. Paul on May 1st. He told us he was nervous but after a small stress meltdown he did great.


Our Honeymoon

Julie and I spent the week of April 21st in St. Pete Beach, Florida for our honeymoon. We flew into Tampa and drove to the house we rented for our stay. It was amazing! We had the whole first floor, the owners of the house keep the upstairs for them, though they are not there when they rent it out. It was so serene, peaceful, secluded and convenient. We hardly wanted to leave the house to see what the area had to offer. Our first day we spent picking up some groceries and driving around and spending a bit on the beach.
Ours for the week
living room
kitchen with view of the front door on the left

the back with pool and hot tub

notice the privacy

Our second day was spent on the water. We rented a boat for the day. Julie and I have had experience on boats but it was quite a while ago and being on the ocean was a bit different. Our biggest surprise was how shallow the water is in Florida. There is a depth gauge on the boat and it would alarm all the time. It was quite nerve wracking at first. We went out a ways and travelled along the coast to Siesta Key for our first destination. The island is only accessible by boat so it was really quiet. After anchoring off shore we walked the beach and collected shells. Then we cruised around looking at the huge houses, yachts and the occasional dolphin. We made another quick visit to Siesta Key and then headed back to return the boat. It was a memorable adventure that is for sure.

I also wanted to drive over the Skyway Sunshine Bridge. Another day we took the short road trip across and back over it. It was huge in comparison to our river bridges in Minnesota.

Our week in Florida was so refreshing. With quiet time alone, happy hours and evenings in the hot tub it was difficult to come home. We would definitely like to go back again someday.


This year Easter was 9 days after our wedding so we were glad to not be hosting. We colored eggs the day before and following church we had lunch at my aunt Yvonne's. It was a nice warm day spent with family. The kids had an egg hunt as well. I think I hid them a bit too well, it took them quite a while and they needed some help for the last few.
serious business

not for him


success finding their baskets

sibling love

our sweet babes

at Yvonne's

family pictures are usually this painful

Our Wedding

With all the planning and the busy summer that followed it has been a few months to get back on the blog. I hope we still have some followers!

On Friday April 11th Julie and I finally made our commitment to each other legal as we were married in front of many family and friends. It was an amazing day and I cherish that our children were able to be a part of it. Our ceremony was held at our church in St. Paul and our reception followed at DeGidio's restaurant. My heart fills with joy every time I think of that day.

My sister and Julie's brother were our witnesses, we were so grateful to have them by our sides. We are amazingly lucky to have our parents be there as well. We definitely don't take that for granted. The kids did really well and wish we could do it all over again, and I guess a piece of me feels the same way!

 Our first look

The weather was perfect, 65 and sunny

Before the ceremony

 With Reed
 With Jake, Zach and Nick

Mike and Heather, our witnesses 
While our soloist performs


We waited 18 years for this moment!


Our carrot cake, yum!