Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dru beginning to crawl

Now she is a professional crawler, here's a video of when it was very new to her.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dru Turns One!

My mom and I made the double layer cake, it took quite some time but turned out pretty good.

Dru is officially one! We celebrated with family yesterday with dinner, cake and ice cream. We made egg free cupcakes and let her go crazy but she started off very hesitant since we were all staring at her. Eventually she tipped the cupcake over and grabbed a few handfuls. Pink frosting ended up in her eyelashes. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it.
She received loads of great gifts. She was getting bored with her baby toys, and after yesterday she'll be so busy we won't need to worry about her being bored. Of course some of them make noise, I guess that is payback :)
We want to thank our family and friends that have made Dru's first year so special. She is very loved!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trip to the ER...

Yesterday was our first visit to the ER. I hope to never have to make that trip again.

Dru made her way up the stairs where on the landing was a picture frame leaning against the wall. She crawled over to it and with a smack she put her hand through the glass. It happened so fast I was in a panic to find out where she got cut. She cut her left pointer finger pretty deeply. We went to urgent care where they sent us to the Children's Hospital ER. Dru did well as long as we kept her hand still. She needed an x-ray to see if there were anymore glass pieces in the cut. Julie was able to be with her as she was strapped down, poor thing! She started crying really hard then couldn't calm down until a Child Life Specialist came to the rescue.

Finally the doctor came in to stitch the cut. Dru did amazingly well!! She cried a bit when the doc put the lidocaine on the wound but as soon as it was numb she just had a few tears. She now has 3 stitches. The doctors bandage fell off before we left the room, so I called the nurse back in and she put another one on. So far it has held up, we'll take it off tomorrow night. Here is a pic of her little hand with a big bandage.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

11 months & Halloween

Dru is rounding the corner to her first birthday. She is also getting fairly close to walking. She can pull herself up on anything and surf along furniture, walls and people.

Daycare is wearing her out. Naps are dwindling to about 1/2 hour a day so when she gets home it is bedtime. One year brings many subtle milestones that will make her more of a toddler. She'll be able to start drinking whole milk and we'll turn her car seat around to face forward. They may sound insignificant but they will be small reminders that she isn't an infant anymore.

She is sick right now with a viral sinus infection. She isn't her bubbly self. The doc says it should be just a few more days and she'll be back to normal. We cancelled her first year pictures that were scheduled for today to next week. Her first birthday party will be on her actual birthday with our family coming over for dinner and cake. I can only imagine I will cry :)

Halloween marked her last "first" holiday. We went to my parents for homemade soup. Before it got dark we took a few pics of our pumpkin.