Monday, February 25, 2013

Swimming Together

This last session of swimming lessons ended on Saturday. Both kids were in the same class (YMCA Pike) which made it really easy for mom. They both improved greatly and Dru even passed the class and will be moving up to the next level (YMCA Eel) . I really enjoy watching them and I am glad they really love the water.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Arizona Visit

The kids and I spent a whirlwind 48 hours in the Phoenix, AZ area. We arrived late morning on Sunday and went first to see my Grandma in Apache Junction. After a quick bite to eat we took the kids to the community pool. The kids couldn't get in the water fast enough. The water was really warm but getting out was freezing. Notice the pale Minnesota kids who aren't quite sure what the bright ball in the sky is. "It's too bright!" they said.

 Then we headed back for a second lunch and while the kids took a nap my mom, aunt Yvonne, cousin Jen and I went to the huge flea market. We enjoyed a beer while we shopped and bought a few things. It is a huge place so we only were able to make it through a small section before it closed.

After we got back we found the kids had ridden around the neighborhood in the golf cart with Grandpa John. They loved it! We had a nice dinner with a roast my Grandma won at her sweetheart banquet. Then it was time for bedtime and Jen helped out with book time as Leo did his neb treatment.

Grandma Lois just loves her picture being taken, okay not really.

 We left Grandma Lois' late morning on Monday and went to see my cousin Jen's house in Chandler since I hadn't seen it since it was under construction 4 years ago. After that we headed up to Anthem to my aunt's house. We got there around lunch time so we ate an impromptu lunch and put the kids down for a nap. For dinner we met Grandma and Grandpa Robole halfway between Surprise and Anthem. It was a short visit but really nice to see them.

When we got back to Yvonne's the kids took a nighttime swim in the big pool and "little pool" (aka the hot tub that was the same temperature as the big pool). After their swim it was off to bed and there wasn't any trouble getting them to sleep.

Lucky for them the pool was still warm so after breakfast they were able to fit in a morning swim. Knowing this would be their favorite memory of the trip we decided to let them swim until they wanted to get out. After they had their fill we took them to the local playground. It had tons of play equipment but of course they gravitated to the small area of sand where other kids had brought sand toys. During the summer there is even a part that is a splash pad.

After the park it was back to the house for lunch on the patio then immediately into the car to head back the airport. We were lucky to get seats on the first flight we tried since we weren't so lucky on the way down. We sure wish we would have had a few more days to spend but unfortunately we had to get back to reality and the cold. It was in the low 70s and when we got home it was in the single digits, boo. Although the next day Arizona had snow with thunder and lightning. We surely left just in time. We had such a nice time, we'll have to try to get back again soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Eye Appointment

I promise I won't take photos of every eye appointment but he is becoming such a big boy. He did as directed and even put his head in the big eye scope without any fuss. He did get bored saying the letters over and over though. I've been enjoying watching his subtle bravery in his appointments. This is one thing that is exclusive to him and I think he knows it.

Leo's Preschool Screening

On January 15th Leo had his early childhood screening. A teacher tested his eyesight, hearing, and knowledge of things like letter sounds, patterns and following directions. This is required to be done before the start of kindergarten but preferrably around 3 1/2 years old. He is much more quiet about what he knows than Dru but I wasn't worried. Leo needed to score at least an 18, but he did an amazing job and scored a 44!! The instructor didn't have any concerns for him so he is set to start kindergarten in 2014! Yay, Leo!

New Year's Eve Sunset

On my way home from work I stopped at an overlook to see the last sunset of 2012. It didn't disappoint. It was even more beautiful in person. It was worth taking a freezing peaceful moment to reflect on the past year. I may have to make this a tradition.

Cousins Outing

While 2 of my cousins were home for college break over Christmas, we did a cousin outing. First, we went to Southdale for dinner. None of us were aware California Pizza Kitchen had closed so we ended up at Ruby Tuesdays. We shopped at Crate and Barrel and the Container Store then went to Walmart to pick up ice cream and art supplies. We did some canvas art at the Blooms house. We all did very different projects and here's how they turned out. It is so nice to spend time with the cousins getting to know each other better. It is surely getting more difficult now that almost all the cousins are adults and live all over the country.

Me, Heather, Hailey, Kara, and Mariah (and yes that says 1am on the clock)

Christmas Evening 2012

Dru being a pill as always, but otherwise we all clean up pretty well :)

This makes me hungry!

Waiting to open our cousins gift, but we had to sing first.

My cousin Chris (his turn) had t-shirts made with our 2012 highlights printed to make the "12".
There is also a U.S. map on the back to show where we all live.
Christmas afternoon brought more family, though Mariah unfortunately had the flu. We ate tons of food, played the $3 gift dice game, opened more gifts, ate dessert, Skyped with family in Arizona, and tried to get home at a reasonable time. It was a whirlwind couple of days but we love our family time.

Christmas Morning 2012

Santa was listening: Leo got his Buzz Lightyear and Dru got her Cinderella carriage

Opening their stockings

The best of the attempts

Gma & Gpa with the crazy trio

Phew, all the presents are open... FINALLY!
Christmas started early as usual, at about 6am. We opened presents at home then packed up to go to my parent's house. Once we were all there, we had carmel rolls and egg bake. We also enjoy a steady stream of mimosas. The kids are definitely spoiled! It was a nice morning spent with family.