Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updates with pics

Trying on the swimsuit, and trying out the chapstick

Self explanatory...

Dru used her pillows to fall out of her crib during nap time last Monday. It was clear she needed to be able to safely get out of her bed. That evening we converted her crib to a toddler bed. It took a few nights of staying with her to make sure she stayed in bed. By night two I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the floor. She could have done whatever she wanted but must have fallen asleep at the same time. Thank goodness. Yesterday after waking from her nap, she found a travel wipe package and took out the wipes one by one. Julie found her with the whole package all over her room. I guess we better remove all "fun" items from her room now. So far she has been good about staying in bed and in her room. Fingers crossed she continues this behavior.

Leo has finally started to hold his own bottle!!! Yay!
P.S. He now has 6 teeth!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leo 9 months

Little man

Yep, this is how she is for pics these days

After a good meal, yummy in the tummy and on the face

Leo is 9 months and has been very busy "growing" teeth. He already had 3 teeth on the bottom and in the last two days his top 2 front teeth have broken through the gums. Ouch!! He's been a trooper, and a drooler :) He is rolling around pretty well now and while sitting can turn around in a circle to reach for items nearby. We've tried giving him little puff snacks but he is just not interested. He makes a face like we are giving him lemon juice.
We've been struggling with him wheezing so the doctor recommended we put him back on his reflux medicine, and thankfully that has worked! I am now trying to wean him off of his nebulizer treatments. It's been a tough winter with illness around here so I assumed it was a virus or infection, guess not.
He can now wave bye bye and can do a baby version of rolling his hands for the "roll it" part of pat-a-cake. Super cute!! He continues to laugh A LOT. His teachers call him Mr. Giggles. They even said one day he laughed the whole day. He was laughing so loud he scared some of the other babies. I hope he keeps his sense of humor.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Princess Dru

Princesses still have to do laundry...

and occasionally wear the ugly shoes.

Looking like an 80's girl

"Reading" on a car trip to Iowa

Crazy Snow White!

Another day of winter fun

Grandma Sue and Leo

Dru and Aunt Heather

Grandma Sue and Reed

Leo having fun in his jumper