Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dru's First Haircut

I finally couldn't take the different lengths of hair Dru had in the back. Grandma Sue was able to even it out. It was quick but tricky since Dru wanted to move her head every time grandma touched her.

4 month doctor visit

Dru turned 4 months yesterday. We took her in for her 4 month shots and check up on Thursday. It doesn't get any easier to see her in pain but I didn't cry this time :) Julie missed the shots at 2 months so it was an eye opener for her. Dru is now 14 lbs 4 oz and 25 inches. She is in the 90% range for height and head circumference and the 80% range for weight. We are taking bets on when she will catch up to her cousin Reed. Heather said he is around 5% on the chart with his stats. It probably won't be long.

Dru and Reed spent some time together this weekend and they surely enjoy each other. Reed is much less jealous of her when Aunt Heather is holding Dru. Reed was giving Dru kisses when I took the second picture, it was adorable!

Play Time

Dru loves her toys! She is becoming more and more interactive. She has a play "gym" that she lays under and interacts with the toys that hang above her and also an activity center that she can sit in and play with the toys around her. She gets a kick out of the mooing from the cow :)

She is also now watching us more intently and taking more in each day. Dru has decided naps aren't really all that necessary and takes only a few short naps (about 30 minutes) each day. We'll see if that changes at all, we were hoping she'd take a consitent nap for when she goes to daycare.