Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Day

The first photo is of Dru Christmas morning. She was content to sleep in. She isn't impressed by Santa yet, maybe in a few years. The second photo is of us at my parent's house before the gift opening. She basically slept all day as you can see. Yes, Dru is in the same outfit...blame Mama Julie :) The third photo is of Dru's cousin Reed Christmas night at the Bloom's house.

Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas Eve we went to Julie's parent's house for food, drink and gifts. Julie's nephews (Jake 13, Zach 11, Nick 6) sat for a picture with their new cousin. They have 13 cousins on their mom, Vicki's, side so babies aren't exactly a novelty for them. Though they still enjoy her since she is the only one during gatherings of the Robole side. Dru needed to eat both during the appetizers and then again during dinner so I quickly learned who is in charge!

Quick trip outside

We went out again to take a picture with the beautiful snow that had fallen earlier in the day December 15th. It was too difficult to take a picture of her while holding her to get a good one of her and the scenery. So I opted for just her, of course.

Another cute photo

This was taken while my sister was holding her, I think she was the Christmas cookie making distraction this day if I remember right. Not many cookies got made that day :)


At 4 weeks exactly she began to smile socially! I actually was able to capture this event! It really is rewarding. She is even better at it now and smiles more frequently. She continues to be a good baby.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa 2007

So Dru wasn't scared of Santa this year, she slept through the whole experience. I'm sure next year will be a different situation. Reed on the other hand didn't do so well but it was great entertainment for us!! We attended the Mesaba Airlines Holiday party at the Mall of America. Santa clearly took time out from preparing for Christmas to meet the children. Wow!

Happy Holdiays everyone!


Few milestones & firsts

These last few weeks have been interesting and are going way too fast! She lost her umbilical cord at 14 days, she saw Santa, rode in an elevator and her moms became the dreaded stroller pushers (and clearly there is a learning curve!).

Dru is still amazing. I will be taking her in again for a weight check on Thursday. I hope she is gaining enough weight so the doctor won't force us to use formula earlier than we are ready to. I can't believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away...I am not even close to being ready. Yikes!

Here some more pics of our princess and her cousin Reed.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Snowstorm of 2007

Dru went out during our first snowstorm of the season. We didn't go far, just out our front steps. Our friend Desi was visiting and captured this event for us. Dru didn't care too much for the 15 degree chill and the snow in her face. Gotta love MN...though it is pretty.