Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Us :)

Gma & Gpa Robole and their grandkids

Leo hiding behind the chair to get a closer look at his new truck

Dru in her new dress

Back at home spreading the "Grinch Dust" so the Grinch doesn't steal our presents
We spent Christmas Eve with Julie's side of the family at her parent's house. We had beef stroganoff for dinner which was delicious. We had a lovely evening and look forward to this night every year. It is pretty relaxing and nice to catch up with everyone. The Grinch Dust came from school and we almost forgot, we had to get the kids back out of bed. That was a close one!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Lights Tour

In their Santa jammies getting ready to go!
I love these guys

Vikings Train!

I liked the flag, very unusual

Classic :) {Fra-gil-e}
We went on our annual Christmas lights tour the Saturday night before Christmas. We travelled around South St. Paul, West St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights. This year we did a Christmas Lights scavenger hunt. We were surprised that we were able to cross off most items. By 8:00pm Dru said "I can't hold it anymore!!" which apparently meant she could no longer keep her eyes open and we needed to head home immediately. Other than an eventful potty stop it was a nice night.