Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I finally caved...

I have finally been convinced to start a blog. I will do my best to keep it updated.

We definitely have lots of changes going on in our house. Many, if not all, of you know now that we are pregnant. I am due on November 9th. It has been requested by a certain individual , my father, that the sex of the baby not be known so I will not be posting it here (when we find out that is). You will have to ask for that info directly from me and be sure not to divulge that info around him.

I have started to feel the baby move now and it is quite strange. It is almost like the baby is wanting something and trying to get my attention. I am past the nausea and now am mostly exhausted. Julie isn't quite so pleased that I'm ready for bed by 8pm.

Julie and I will be going to Texas at the end of June to get the official ultrasound. I wanted to have it done at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas where I did my clinical training. We will then find out if our little one is healthy, though we won't know 100% for sure until it arrives. We will at least rule out the majority of abnormalities.

Another important change it my change of careers. I am now working at St. Paul Heart Clinic. I have made the jump from animals to humans. Let me tell you, what a difference! It is hard to be back at the bottom of the todem pole. Changing jobs is always stressful so I anticipate it can only get better.

Here is a semi recent ultrasound pic of the baby. I will try to get more soon.