Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dru's Kindergarten Christmas Program

 A few weeks ago 3 of the 6 kindergarten classes performed in the morning for family at school. The other 3 classes performed in the afternoon. They sang quite a few songs for us. As you can see she doesn't suffer from stage fright and is a confident performer. You'll also notice the polar opposite in a few of the other kids around her. FYI, all songs are in Spanish.

 She's on the top row in the middle
Next three songs

Visit with Santa Claus

On Dru's birthday I made an appointment to see Santa. They were dressed in their holiday best and got to tell him their requests. Santa is so good with the kids!
Waiting their turn

Santa was making sure they clean their rooms and eat their vegetables

Then he asked them their wishes, and he says "Cool, Cool, Cool!!"
(Dru = Barbies and Leo = Lego guys)

Then he asks them if they will take a picture with him

This one he wanted to show off their nice outfits :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dru's Birthday Party

Dru's birthday party was the day after her actual birthday. She chose a Barbie theme as you can see. Lots of family spent the evening with us to celebrate with her. We had pork sandwiches followed by cake and ice cream. She loved all of the wonderful gifts she was given. Six is pretty awesome!
Her Barbie cake

Opening gifts with some moral support from her brother

What else is in here?

Her birthday pose

I love the glow of the candles, all six of them

Dru's 6th Birthday

Dru's birthday fell on an off school day for her so Julie and I took the day off to spend it as a family. I made an appointment to see Santa as well. They gave him their wishes for Christmas, Dru wants a Barbie, and Leo wants Lego "guys" or minifigures. After visiting Santa the kids went on some rides. They surprise me each time we go when they try things they were scared of before. I am quite sure she enjoyed her birthday and is thrilled to be six!
A little chat with Santa

Santa is so good with them

He took a photo to show off their outfits :)


Bumper Cars

Drop Ride

Notice who's in the second car?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Miss Olivia Grace

The second weekend in November Dru and I went to Texas to meet my cousin Amy's first born. Olivia Grace was born at the end of August and so I was really itching to get my baby fix! She is so adorable and sweet. She was such a trooper with us hogging her all the time. We were able to spend time catching up with Amy and Jeff as well as getting lots of snuggle time. I asked Dru what her favorite part of the trip was, she said "Holding Olivia!". I am so thrilled for Amy and Jeff, they are and will continue to be wonderful parents. Scroll down for the cutie pie :)
Dru waiting for our time to board

Dru watching over Olivia

Such a little mom

She loved holding Olivia's hand

Riding around town

Thanks for letting us visit!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was really fun for everyone this year. The kids did really well going up to each house by themselves and Leo actually wore his costume this year!! We had to remind the kids to say Trick or Treat and Thank You at each house though. They were just so excited. They went a few blocks before calling it quits. They hauled in plenty of candy and fell asleep on the way home in a post sugar crash.
This year Grandma Lois and Yvonne were able to join us for Grandma Sue's favorite soup. We look forward to it all year long. Here is a photo recap.
Mama was able to join us this time!
Dru hammered colored tees into her pumpkin

Leo decided he wanted to do it too

Julie's pumpkin :)

At Leo's daycare party

At the daycare party

a cute pose

Annual spooky dinner on Halloween Eve
(Mummy hot dog, bloody fries, finger carrots, blood orange, and a spider)

Halloween night
(Football player and Spanish dancer)

Trick or Treat, Gpa & Gma!!

Out after dark, it was a bit chilly

Monday, October 21, 2013

MEA Weekend Mini Vacation

Julie decided to book a few days at a waterpark in Owatonna over MEA weekend. It was a perfect set up for the kids. Dru even got to a point of being able to go down the slide without a floatie. Leo went down the slides at least 50 times. He loved what we called the "butt" one. The other one required a tube. My parents joined us on this little adventure and even grandpa went down the slides a bunch. We brought some dive toys as well so Leo got some under water practice.
The water park had two big slides, a kiddie slide, a zero entry area with fountains, a basketball pool and a "lazy river". I put it in quotes because it was more of a lazy oval. Leo was apparently not tall enough for the slide but we didn't realize that until a lifequard pointed it out. They let him continue sliding, thank goodness. We stayed in a family suite that was the closest room to the pool and arcade. We were able to bring snacks, drinks and breakfast food to have in the room. There is a restaurant attached to the hotel so we utilized that a few times.
We spent a few hours at Cabela's which is a huge outdoorman store next to the hotel. The kids enjoyed seeing the animals and fish as well as testing out the tents and ice fishing houses.
I think this trip was a success!
Having fun!!

Riding the double slide with grandpa

Kiddie slide

zero entry area

View of the big slides

Goof ball

Hippo kisses

Grandpa John was having fun too!

Leo driving in the arcade

Apples and Park

Now that Dru is in school, Leo and I get to spend some quality time together. A few Tuesdays ago we spent the day taking a road trip. My mom also joined us this time. We called my friend Jody and asked if we could stop by. Luckily she was home! They have an apple orchard and a really cool swing. She even let us take some apples home with us. It was a perfect day out so when we left her house we went to a nearby playground at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve. After leaving the park we had lunch in Hudson, WI and then to pick up an antique desk for the kids in New Richmond, WI. Once we finally got back into town it was time to pick Dru up from school. I really enjoy the time with Leo, and will definitely be sad when they are both in school next year.
Picking apples, with a twist

Leo in the orchard

Can you tell he liked this swing?

At Lake Elmo Park Reserve