Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day With Reed

Reed is playing soccer this session. He did really well, and more aggressive than I expected. There was quite a size difference of some of the kids and he was pretty brave. Since there were no official sidelines, Leo was able to kick the ball back into play a few times which he loved. We went to the playground for a few minutes after the game but it was freezing. We topped it off with lunch at McDonalds and some more play time at Reed's house. It was a nice day with Auntie Heather and Reed.

Reed guarding the goal

Reed in ACTION!!

Leo after the game

Reed smiling as I chase him

So sweet!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recent Photos From School

Smiley :)

Show & Share with musical toys


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

Advertisement in lobby, can you sense the excitment?!

Got in just a minute to late

Having fun!!


Cinderella & her Fairy Godmother


Rapunzel and her mean "mother"

Rapunzel & Flynn Rider

Final scene with all Disney Princesses in white gowns (Mickey & Minnie too!)
Dru and I went to see Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream tonight at the Target Center. She LOVED it!! I enjoyed it too. They performed three princess stories: Princess & the Frog, Cinderella and Tangled. The final number was with all the Disney princesses and it was beautiful! Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy came out inbetween each story and Mickey & Minnie were part of the final number. It was very well done! I think I may even attempt to take her again someday :)

Swimming Lessons

Getting started (Dru in the polka dots)

The kids have done all of their swimming lessons at the YMCA. Dru is in the Pike class and has a few more skills to master in order to move up but she continues to improve each time. Leo was in the Sea Horse class and will go into the Sunfish class next time which leaves me out of the pool for the first time in 4 years! They both did wonderful and we want to send a HUGE thank you to all of those who helped us in the locker room before and after the lessons this session: Grandma Sue, Mama, Desi and LeAnn. And thank you to LeAnn for taking the last class photos!!

He passed to the next level!

Floatie with Ms Hannah
Leo swimming on his own

Dru swimming on her own
Mommy's last parent/child swimming lesson

Toddler Tuesday at MOA

Every Tuesday at the Mall of America there is a changing event called Toddler Tuesdays. There are different things to do there each week. On February 21st I took the kids to see Team Umizoomi. Team Umizoomi is a children's show on Nick Jr. and the characters are Milli, her brother Geo and Bot the friendly robot. There was an activity with scissors and glue (REALLY!!?? for toddlers??!!) then they played a few episodes on the huge screen and the kids were able to meet Milli and Geo. We were second to last in line, luckily the kids were exceptionally patient. Once it was our turn, Leo opted out of meeting them but Dru loved it. She gave both of the characters a hug and posed for a photo (which she never does!). Afterwards the three of us then went to lunch together, it was a nice outing on my day off.

Scissors and glue, not good for Mommy's nerves

Watching the show

Miss Independent

Meet & Greet with Milli and Geo

Java With Junior

Once a month during the Sunday School hour there is activities for the younger ones in the church gym. I took Leo a few weeks ago and he made a few cards for those in our congregation that are home bound.

Fun With Playdough

MN Children's Museum visit in January

Leo at the "If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie" cookie

Dru being Peter Rabbit

Leo sitting on the "L"

Time for lunch for some tired kids