Saturday, August 28, 2010

Twins Game

This was our first Minnesota Twins game at Target Field. The stadium is very nice and it was a perfect day for outdoor baseball. I'm pretty sure they won against the Oakland A's. This was my parent's Christmas gift for all of us. I would highly suggest not taking a toddler to a professional sporting event. (Consider that a public service announcement)

More Summer Stuff

We made it to Connie's Creamy Cones. Unfortunately Leo paid for his treat with a nebulizer treatment afterwards. He does not do well with dairy. Poor guy.

Leo signing "more". And Leo out front while Dru was in the sprinkler.

So Let's Catch Up

Wow, can he make a mess!!

She's practicing for her possible career as a basketball star :)

Sibling play time

We've been pretty busy this summer, as I'm sure you are as well. Leo took his first steps in July and now is walking quite well. He definitely is a "toddler". It is obvious he much prefers walking over crawling. Dru has been moved up to the early pre-school room at school and is loving being with the older kids. Leo has been in the older infant room for a few weeks to prepare him for being with the toddlers. He will be moving up to the toddler room next week. It's been difficult only for me. The kids don't seem to mind the transitions. We will miss the infant teachers that we've been lucky to have for both Dru and Leo. They are wonderful!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our First Camping Trip

The Kamping Lodge at KOA Albert Lea

Lunch out on the deck

Dru swimming like a big girl. WOW!

Grandpa John cooking a cherry pie. Dru had just had her first s'more. Yummy!

Sunday brunch, notice Dru in the makeshift chair at the table.
Camping with two toddlers went much better than I anticipated. I was really hoping Leo wouldn't have to crawl around but he wasn't walking yet. He did take his first steps in the cabin for all of us to see! So now he continues to improve his balance each day. He can take about 7 steps without falling forward as of today. We did a lot of swimming and walking around the campground. There was a significant storm on Saturday night and we were SO grateful to not be in a tent. It was a very memorable weekend. We might even do it again.