Friday, March 29, 2013

Cabo 2013 - Day 3

We reserved seats for the shuttle to a sister resort for day 3 so we went into town again. This time we ate lunch on the beach. Julie, I and the kids swam at the pool then we walked the beach to lunch. We chose Mango Deck. I think we all enjoyed our food. Dru was dancing to the music next to our table when 2 girls from the next table started dancing too. The older one challenged her to a dance off. It was quite funny to watch, but Dru held her own. Then the four of us walked back down the beach and caught the shuttle back to our resort. The others went shopping in town by the marina for some souveniers. We allowed the kids to go swimming when we got back which meant they go to skip nap time! The shoppers were back for happy hour by the pool.
At Mango Deck


John and his two wives :)

The Robole Family

We walked past the bird cage when we got back

They really are best buds

Dru without her floatie in the 2 ft deep pool

Two exhausted kids!

Cabo 2013 - Day 2

We chose to take a taxi into town on day two and have brunch at The Office. It is a restaurant right on the beach. The food is quite good and the view is beyond amazing. The server even gave the kids beach toys to play with. Dru couldn't get to the water fast enough after she was done eating. She loved the ocean but Leo took a bit to warm up to the idea of the moving water. The kids played for bit then we took a glass bottom boat ride to see the arch. There was definitely some rough water as we got out to the arch which half of us were unhappy with. We were able to see some fish under the boat near Lover's Beach which was neat. Dru got to throw a cracker in the water to get them to the surface. After the boat ride we took a taxi back to our resort. Sue, Yvonne and I had a nice dinner out while John joined Julie and the kids for spaghetti in the room. A win win for everyone :)
Our view at brunch

Dru loving the waves

Leo finally got in the water

Not sure what she was pointing at

My loves

On the boat

The famous arch at the tip of Baja California

On our way back to the beach

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cabo 2013 - Day 1

For our first full day we decided it was a pool day. We chose the Sky Pool which is up at the highest point at the resort. It has spectacular views, a shallow end, 2 levels and a fun atmosphere. We swam, soaked up the sun and relaxed.
The morning view from our balcony

Still in their jammies checking out the fishing boats as they went by

The view from our chairs at the Sky Pool, notice the swim up bar :)
 Leo only took the ride once, he much preferred swimming by himself

The grown ups hanging at the edge of the top level of the pool

Chillin' before lunch

Having a smoothie with lunch, poolside
Careful kids, Gma doesn't like to get her hair wet!!

Catching a golf cart back to the room for nap time

Leo checking out a cruise ship
 A whale sighting from our balcony
On Wed, Fri and Mon evenings there were theme nights with dancers. We had a perfect view from our balcony. The kids really liked it. 

Cabo 2013 Arrival Day

My parents and the four of us took a morning direct flight to Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday the 19th. Our flight was delayed for about an hour so the kids were getting a little antsy. A nice man waiting in the gate area helped out by shining a pen light from a few rows away so they chased it around like cats. Hilarious! They never figured out where it was coming from. We had an easy flight and if Julie hadn't been selected for a bag check it would have been an easy time through customs. Our taxi driver was waiting for us and once we were all got in he served us a beer! We picked up my aunt Yvonne at the other terminal and we were on our way. The driver even pulled over after about 10 minutes to get us a second one. Sweet!! We arrived at our resort and checked in. We had a late lunch at one of the resort restaurants then the kids went for a swim. We were all exhausted so we headed to bed early.
Waiting for our plane to arrive

Waiting for our plane to arrive

Can you tell we were getting close :)

Can you tell I've said "Stop kicking the seat!" about 1000 times :)
After we checked in we had a late lunch. Dru slurped her spaghetti as you can see.

The kids took a quick swim to get some energy out before bed

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Disney on Ice

Minnie and Mickey of course

Lightning McQueen, Mater and Sally

Leo was entranced with the Cars segment

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Tinkerbell and Terrance

Buzz Lightyear

A tired girl with the flower hat that came with the $12 cotton candy

It looks like he enjoyed his first trip to an ice show!
The four of us went to see Disney on Ice last Friday. It was a late night for the kids but they loved it. It covered four stories: Cars, The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell, and Toy Story 3. It was a nice family night out.

Monday, March 4, 2013

MN Zoo with Friends

Do you see the monkey?

The flamingos are my favorite to photograph (probably because they are the easiest)

Tortoise eating its vegetable

Tree kangaroo

They were both able to touch the shark this time!

We spent another Tuesday morning at the Minnesota Zoo. This time our friends Desi and Becky joined us since they were on a staycation. We saw lots of animals awake that we usually see sleeping. It was neat to see the otters playing with each other and the lemurs moving around. We always see something different each time we visit the zoo. Now that the dolphins are gone they are making the inclosure for Russian Monk seals that should hopefully (according to the volunteer) be there by summer. We'll definitely be back!

What monk seals look like