Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dru Sledding For The First Time

Holy cow! We have deep snow in our backyard! It was a struggle to walk to the back of our lot to the hill. Once we finally made it, we had to make a path down the hill. Dru went down with us about 4 times, really enjoyed it but was ready to call it a day. The snow was just too much for her to navigate. We forsee the many hours the kids will spend sledding and us having to force them to come inside.

Leo 8 months

It is difficult to imagine that we were patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for Leo to arrive just over 8 months ago. He has been such a joy! We are currently trying to get him to stop wheezing. After another trip to urgent care he is on nebulizer treatments. The doctor thought he was such a good baby!
He can turn frequently from back to tummy but has only mastered this maneuver in his crib. He sits up quite well as long as he isn't trying to look behind him, like at his sister who runs around in a blur. I am anxiously waiting for him to be mobile and I know I'll regret that as soon as it happens. I wish I could report that he is sleeping through the night, but no can do :) He must have an internal alarm clock for 3:30am.
It won't be long until he is a toddler, we are trying to soak up as much of this time as possible.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trip to the MOA

We spent the day today at the Mall of America with cousin Reed, Aunt Heather and Grandma Sue. Dru and Reed did rides and we had a lunch at "Uncle Donald's" (McDonald's). Dru and Leo were exhausted, they both fell asleep in the car. We had a great time! As you can see we were in our Vikings gear :) Julie was lucky and went to the game so she kept me updated with the score. Go Vikings!

Leo's First Haircut

Before (the so-called comb over)

Hanging tough, even with hair in his eyes

Our handsome boy!

My mom gave Leo his first haircut. He sat really well on a phone book in a high chair. He kept bringing the cape up to his face and because I had just put ointment in his eyes the hair would stick. He eventually did figure he'd had enough. Doesn't he look like a little toddler?