Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rainbow Wedding Shower

I am the Best Lady for my friend Desi's wedding this August. I was honored to throw her and her fiancé, Becky, a bridal shower. I chose a rainbow theme and I think it turned out fairly well. One of my co-workers made the amazing rainbow cupcakes. Many of the guests said they were the best cupcakes they ever had. To top it off they were really cool looking! For the favors I chose rainbow Twizzlers and suckers with a thank you message. The first game we played was a "Do you know their answer" game. I asked each of them 10 questions (each set was different) and the other had to try to answer them correctly. The person who guessed how many they would get right won a prize. The other game had the guests guess what age they were in each photo set. The most correct answers was the winner. It was a nice day spent celebrating the upcoming wedding!
Some of the décor (you can see the photo game in the background)

The guest "book"

Delicious and looked fantastic!

The favors

Jellystone 2013 (Day 4)

Day Four (departure day)
After breakfast, we spent the morning packing up and checking out. It was our last chance at the pool so we made the best of it. The first two pictures represent the many times Dru and Gpa went down the huge waterslide. This girl has no fear. The first time she went down she had a smile on her face the whole time. Gpa caught her at the bottom just because it is 4' deep and she said "That was AWESOME! Let's do that again!". They went multiple time, and I went once. Yep, once. Leo went on the purple and red slides about 300 times until we finally had to pull him away so we could eat lunch. Shortly after lunch we headed back for home with a dinner stop in Woodbury. It was another fun trip, I know the kids had a memorable time. We'll be back again next year!
Her mat always got turned around but she didn't mind

Let's do it again, Grandpa!

Little Lionfish

The big picnic basket dumps about every 10 min, Leo was brave enough this year to stand under it

Here they come down the purple slide

Goodbye, Yogi, Boo Boo, Cindy and Ranger Smith!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jellystone 2013 (Day 3)

Day Three
We started our day with a little mini-golf. It is free for those staying at Jellystone. There are also two 18 hole courses, one for little kids and one for big kids/adults. The kids enjoyed it but Dru needed to take a break for a few holes, I think she was too hot. We had lunch and a nap followed by some pool time. The pool time was cut short after Leo saw an omnious cloud. He decided that we needed to go back to the cabin. After dinner and getting cleaned up we took a ride around the campground. Luckily we happened upon the dance party! The kids and I got our groove on for awhile, we had a blast! Then it was off to bed.
Boo Boo's mini golf for the little kids

Dru's first swing on hole #1

Leo's first swing on hole #1
Riding the Jellystone Train

Riding the Jellystone Train

The evil storm cloud that had Leo really nervous
Dance Party!

Dru was loving the music and being on the dance floor with the big kids.

Jellystone 2013 (Day 1 & 2)

Day One
Once again we headed to Jellystone in Warrens, Wisconsin for a 4 day vacation. Gma & Gpa Millner joined us again for the trip. We left home around 11:30am and stopped for lunch in Menomonie. We arrived around 3:00pm. Our cabin was at Warrens Lodging which is connected to the campground. This year we were "in the know" and reserved a golf cart. When we arrived we checked in and unloaded, went to get the golf cart, had dinner, then lastly headed to the outdoor theater. Bedtime was after dark, which we have learned that is the only way to get them to bed while "glamping".
The view from my seat, the kids did awesome and no electronics were used!

Our cabin

Sleeping quarters for the four of us, G & G were downstairs.
Leo was in every photo I took of the inside of the cabin.
The first night we went to the outdoor theater and watched the Yogi Bear cartoons

"Hey, Boo Boo!"
Day Two
We ate breakfast and headed straight to the pool, minus Gma and I, we went on a quick grocery run. We saw the whole town of 360 people. We hung out a the pool for the morning then back to the cabin for lunch and a nap. After nap the kids got their birthday prize in the gift shop. We then had dinner and the kids went to listen to the bedtime story with Cindy. Even though it was hot Gpa John made a fire for us and we had s'mores. they were delicious! Dru was so exhausted she asked to go to bed. Wow!

Our sweet ride for the trip (cart #514)

Hang on!

Taking a break with her new Ariel

Playing in the pool
Love this one :)

Bedtime story with Cindy


Monday, July 22, 2013

Steamy hot day at the zoo

A few Tuesdays ago the kids and I braved the heat and went to see the giraffes. Okay, so Mommy really was the one excited about it. We started at the bird show, saw the giraffes (kids weren't impressed and it wasn't feeding time for another 1.5 hours), ate a quick lunch with the Talins, visited the bears, and finally landed back at the playground and splash pad. It was unbearably hot so we left sweaty and tired but I WILL get them back so they can feed the giraffes!
Waiting for the bird show to start (armed with picnic lunch)

Fierce looking hawk!

One of two giraffes they have temporarily
Don't they looked thrilled!?

This bear was no dummy
The golf umbrella comes in handy even when not raining

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some Summer Fun

Rahn Park on July 5th, we had a family day

Rahn Park


A sweet smile

Splash pad in Bloomington
On a short hike since we weren't prepared

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

Our annual BBQ had a few bumps in the road this year. Leo started the day off sick and my aunt LeAnn ended the day with heat stroke. We ate well, I was the bean bag champion, and the kids even napped so they could make it to fireworks. Even with a nap, Dru had trouble staying up. We love this holiday and we look forward to spending the day with our family.
A visit to urgent care after a rough start to the morning
The parade (Leo and I caught a little of it)

It was quite hot in the sun

After a BBQ we had these delicious desserts

Getting set up for the fireworks, Ray brought glow bracelets/necklaces
Leo did well with his headset

Happy 4th of July!!