Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun at the park

Yesterday, Dru had a blast at a park we hadn't been to before. I was the crazy mom chasing her around with a camera making sure she didn't hurt herself. She better get used to it! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Family trip to zoo

A coyote, just before this picture it was looking right at her.

Leo, enjoying the ride
Dru next to a metal bear statue. Doesn't it look like it's whispering in her ear? :)
Mommy had the day of on Monday March 22nd so we all went to the zoo. It was supposed to be warm but ended up being a bit chilly. Dru enjoyed seeing the animals and walked nearly the entire zoo. Her favorite part of the day was the playground. She went down the slides and ran around with the other kids. It was nice to spend some time together on a weekday.

Wagon Ride

We went for a short wagon ride through our yard and the lot behind us. Leo thought it was hysterical because it was so bumpy. It was short a sweet but enough to be outside for a few extra minutes.

Haircut (Dru this time)

Dru sat really well. Her hair is much easier to manage for Mommy and Dru.
Not as many snarls :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leo 10 months

Here are pics from this month. He has had 3 sessions of swimming lessons and has done well. Two fo the three times he wasn't feeling the greatest. Yesterday he almost fell asleep as he floated on his back. (Of course, I was holding him) He now gets the idea of sliding into the pool from the edge. I really enjoy the one on one time with him.
Crawling isn't coming easy for Leo. Today he was rocking on all fours but no forward motion. He now has eight teeth and will grab at just about anything near by with the hopes to chew on it. Also, he isn't a fan of any food that borders on being solid. I guess I shouldn't rush him, knowing he'll be eating a ton of food in just a few years.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Leo's Turn

Leo began his first session of swimming lessons last Saturday. Here he is in his swim trunks before hand because we aren't allowed to take pictures at the pool until the last day. He wasn't feeling well but seemed to enjoy it. He kicked and splashed like the other babies. It will be interesting now that he has been medicated all week if he'll do even better.

I'll be taking him to the doctor again so we can find out how to get to the bottom of these respiratory episodes. He isn't crawling yet, but will "crawl" backwards and get stuck then REALLY mad. He does still scoot around on his butt while sitting and seems to be faster at getting places that way.