Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leo's Hospitalization

Leo in his hospital crib

Leo with the blanket given to him by hospital volunteers

Reading with Mama during a neb treatment

Reading with Grandpa John

Leo was recently in the hospital for difficulty breathing. We started in the ER on Tuesday at 7pm, he was admitted at midnight. He was not well enough to go home on Wednesday so he stayed another night and was discharged on Thursday at noon. He wasn't allowed to go the the play room because he had a cold so we did a lot of reading books and he did laps from the door to the couch. He LOVED his hospital crib. When I put him in it, he kept checking it out and yelling, "OH BOY!!" He was a great patient with a super attitude. Unfortunately during his hospitalization Julie was in Wisconsin as her uncle passed away. It was surely a difficult week for the Robole family. We thank all those who prayed for Leo's healing. It was nice to know people were thinking about him.

Vikings Game

I was lucky to be invited to the Vikings game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Vikings actually won! The first picture was taken before I left. We had a great time, and found out the hard way the only non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverage in the stadium is water. This time I joined the Schultz's and I get to go again on Nov. 7th with Julie. Yay!

Fun at the Corn Maze

We went to Sever's Corn Maze on a recent Saturday. It was quite busy even though we tried to get there as it opened. There was definitely more to do than a maze. There was an exotic animal tent, farm animals, a hay bale maze, a corn pool (which I avoided), music, food, and much more. Grandma Sue, Grandpa John, Aunt Heather and cousin Reed were also there. I enjoy fall and this added to my love for the season. We might even be back next year.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Las Vegas 2010

Julie and I at Bingo

Amy and Jeff just after the proposal!!

Amy and Jen under the Moberly street sign. What are the odds?

A wonderful fish n' chips dinner Downtown Las Vegas
Julie and I got away for a long weekend to Las Vegas with 2 cousins and a soon to be cousin-in-law. The highlight of the trip was the proposal! Jeff proposed to Amy on the gondola at the Venetian. Julie, Jen and I knew it was coming so we were giddy with excitement. We had a great time as usual and it always goes too fast.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Leo's First Trip To The ER

I didn't take a picture, but the night we returned from Las Vegas turned into a visit to the ER at Children's. Leo had another difficulty breathing episode and he needed some expert help. He's been on neb treatments and steroids ever since. He's been in a fairly good mood but clearly isn't feeling 100%. We hope this doesn't begin a winter of multiple trips to urgent care like his first winter.

New Bed

Dru now has a twin bed. We are in the transition phase now. She is getting used to the idea, so here she is trying it out at her discretion. She took a nap in it today, so that's promising.

Dru's Photography

No explanations needed :)

Fun in Fall

We raked leaved into a pile for the kids to slide down into, they've quite enjoyed it. We also picked out our pumpkins for carving. We've been so lucky to have nice weather it doesn't even seem like fall. The decorations for Halloween are up though it seems strange when we're in shorts and t-shirts.