Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cabo San Lucas 2011

Watching a sunset on the beach

Dru relaxing in the kids pool (2 feet deep)

At the end of our walk to see the birds and fish around the resort

Leo's first time at the ocean. He didn't feel well and didn't care for it at all.

Leo in the 2' deep skypool. He enjoyed the pool a lot when he could touch the bottom.

We returned from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico yesterday. We had a good time though Julie and I are exhausted! Unfortunately Leo had a fever for the first 4 days and needed neb treatments the whole trip. Both of the kids LOVED the pools! Dru would have been in the pool from sunrise to sunset if we would have let her. There were 10 of us on this trip, my parents, my aunt Yvonne, Heather, Jason, Reed and the 4 of us. It was nice for the Schultz's and Yvonne to be able to join us this year. Now they all have had the Cabo experience! The weather was perfect, full sun and just a slight breeze. We had a one bedroom suite so it worked very well when we needed to put the kids to bed. We could shut the door and be in the living room/kitchen area without bothering them. I know I look forward to returning when the kids are a little older. They'll be a little more independent and we might be able to do more activities. Until next time: Adios, amigos!!

Getting in the chilly pool early one morning

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter activities...

We've gotten a TON of snow. I had to shovel off the car, that was a first for me.
Dru was my "helper".

She made a snow angel :)

Amy Grant

Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith Concert. My friend Desi and I
try to go to see her every time she is in town. We haven't been disappointed yet!
Dru "participated" in hip hop dance lessons. (she's on the left)
She never really did dance.