Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rainy Day

The kids received umbrellas for Christmas and this past Tuesday was the first time they could actually use them. It was still chilly, about 35 degrees, but they were having so much fun. Dru kept saying, "This is the best day ever!" It's been snowing since then so they have been put away for who knows how long. This winter has been a long one and I can tell the kids are ready for it to be over.

Grandpa John & Leo

My dad had to say goodbye to one of his best friends, Mike O'Brien, on April 1st. He spoke at his funeral and this photo is from the evening after the funeral. I know Mike's loss will leave a big void for him but this moment made me smile, because it is in small moments like these that we can start to heal.
 My dad, Bud Dunning and Mike O'Brien from November 2012

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fun with Family

Over Easter week we had some out of town (and state) family visiting MN. We were able to fit in a few activities while they were here. On the Monday after Easter the kids and I joined my aunt Jayne, my cousin Jaime and her daughter Jenna for a swim at their hotel. We had pizza for dinner in the lobby and a little bit more swimming after. My other cousin who lives in MN, Perry, joined us as well. It was nice to watch the kids have so much fun together. I even let Dru be in the pool without her floatie, and even with a few nervous moments she did fine. They would jump in, climb out and jump in again. They did that about 100 times and there was no trouble putting them to bed :)

The next day Jayne, Jaime, Jenna, the kids and I went to the MN Children's Museum. The kids had a great time with the circles exhibit and the Dora & Diego exhibit. We also saw many other things and the kids participated in the story time that had an exploring theme. The kids never get bored at the Children's Museum and can't wait to go back again.
Leo loved the spinning table, he spent quite a while there

Then Jaime and Jayne came by to join in!

Dru paddling what looked like a basket

Grocery shopping

The kids with Jayne, Dora and Boots

Jenna being a huge turtle

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Sunday

The kids found their baskets

All ready for church

With cousin Jenna after church
Leo, Jenna, Dru and Reed after the egg hunt

After Easter brunch at Gma and Gpa Millner's

Coloring Easter Eggs

Having a few jelly beans before we started, Dru is on a taller stool, she isn't that tall :)

Watching them soak


Only one catastrophe out of 8 eggs, not bad!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cabo 2013 - Departure Day

Our final morning was a beautiful one. It was warm and sunny just like it had been all week. We packed up and met the taxi around 9:30am. We got to the airport with plenty of time to drop off Yvonne (she headed back to AZ) and have a little time to have a snack and pick up lunch for the plane. The flight was uneventful but the customs area was packed. We had a nice surprise in Minneapolis, Heather and Reed met us in the baggage claim area. We all went out for a quick dinner then it was back to our own beds! Heidi was the only one who had to work the next day, what a bummer! All of us had another memorable week, see you in two years, Cabo!!
Waiting for the taxi to pick us up

Our plane

Goodbye, Cabo!

See you next time, and to think Dru will be 7 and Leo will be 5, yikes!

Cabo 2013 - Day 6

On day six we decided to stay at the kids pool so they could be in the shallow pool. We didn't get down to the pool soon enough to get seats together or shade so it was a hot day. I did get some reading in and the kids got lots of water time. We had lunch by the pool again, had naps and happy hour. It was a relaxing day. After happy hour we showered and headed down to the beach. The sunset was spectacular, we were able to watch the colors change multiple times. After the sun went down, we went and got sandwiches and checked in online for our flights. It ended up being more complicated than we expected. Let's just say the wifi at the resort wasn't stellar. Overall it was a perfect last day.
Leo practicing his back float, notice the puffed cheeks as he held his breath


Dru working on her back float
Leo burrito squinting without his tinted glasses

With Gma Sue in the bright sun
Dru heading in for her last swim
They had lots of fun with their pool toys and we even gained some


Dru did this on her own, you can her hand print where she balanced herself :)
The last evening had an amazing sunset

The Robole Family
All 7 of us on the beach

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cabo 2013 - Day 5

On the morning of day 5 Julie and Gpa John went out early to save us chairs at a new pool. It ended up being a really peaceful pool. Leo had trouble behaving so Julie took him back to the room. He took a 3 hour nap when they got back so obviously that was his problem. Dru and I got lots of much needed bonding time in the pool. She had a fun time jumping in and learning how to push herself right back up from the bottom. She also spent time trying to perfect her cannonball. I made her whisper it instead of yelling it before jumping in. After naps we spent happy hour at the kid pool.
Waiting for a golf cart to bring us to the pool
Notice all of the empty chairs

Morning smooties by the pool

Before he left for his morning nap

Striking a pose while waiting


The night view from our balcony

The night view from outside our door

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cabo 2013 - Day 4

We spent the first part of day four at the main pool, which is closest to the beach. It is also the largest and most popular pool. We didn't get there soon enough to sit together so we had a few chairs on one side of the pool and a table on the other. This was Dru's favorite pool because she was able to stand up in some spots in the pool. I let Dru go without her floatie for a bit which she loved. After lunch Leo had a incident which sent us back to the room in a hurry. After nap Dru swam in the kiddie pool by herself while we had happy hour.

Leo enjoying the pool
Sister getting some R & R (notice they didn't use the umbrella)

His daily smoothie (most often a virgin Miami Vice)

Her daily smoothie

Mama & Dru

Mommy & Leo
Leo was telling them that "playtime" was over

Dru after nap

She could really swim well under water