Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Photos

Here are a few of their photos that were taken for the Christmas card. I think they turned out pretty good considering the crazy circumstances that went on at Target. I am looking forwad to the time when they will smile and pose when instructed :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leo's Procedure

Leo had a procedure to open his left tear duct that had been blocked since birth. If you look closely you can see the mark the doctor put under his eye to make sure they opened the correct one. The induction of anesthesia was very difficult for us. I held him as a mask was put over his nose and mouth and within 20 seconds he went limp in my arms and they took him away. We gave him a kiss and left the room. I was not at all prepared emotionally for that part of the procedure. He was away from us for about 30 minutes. He did great and upon waking the nurse said he just took his pacifier and just layed quietly looking around. Everyone was impressed at his good nature. He had to fast so he was grateful to have some juice and snacks shortly after we were allowed to see him. By the time we left the surgery center he was back to normal. We are so glad to have it over with and we pray it is successful so he doesn't have to go through that again.

November Fun

The Judds Concert

Waiting for the Holidazzle Parade to start

City Bus decked out in lights

On the train to the parade

Pizza and a movie night

Thanksgiving 2010

Heather and Jason

Beth and Mariah

Leo with his plate of food that he just stirred around and didn't eat

Mariah, Kara, Hailey, Reed, Dru and Leo (who was not happy about it)
Here a few photos from Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful meal at the Bloom's home only about 3 miles from ours. The small kids were wearing matching shirts that said "Gobble Gobble" in the shape of a football. Super cute :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dru's Third Birthday!!

Her new big wheel, though she can't reach the pedals yet

Took her a few times to get all 3

She had to sit down immediately after opening a gift of books to check it out!

A fire truck, just like she asked for :)

Dru is now our three year old! She had a wonderful party with family. She chose her cake, chocolate with a picture of Caillou on it. He is her favorite cartoon character. She received wonderful gifts and loved playing with her cousins. I hope this year is full of wonder and joy for her!

Dru's First Friend Birthday Party

Dru went to her first friend birthday party a few weeks ago. It was at Pump It Up with multiple jumpers, slides and obstacle courses. It was Alivia's 3rd birthday party and Alivia is Dru's closest friend at school. Even in a snowstorm we made it and had a lot of fun.