Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dru's 2nd Birthday!!!!

It's hard to imagine our precious Sweet Pea is now a two year old. She can talk in 2-3 word sentences, has definite opinions and is becoming more a girl and less of a baby every second! We celebrated her birthday with family and had cake and ice cream. She was a bit shy when we sang Happy Birthday to her but secretly enjoyed it :) Thank you everyone who celebrated with us, who sent birthday wishes and for all the wonderful gifts!

Apple Orchard in October

Getting ready to find the best apple tree...

Picking from one of the few remaining apples...

and the ride back to the car, aren't they adorable!

Just had to share these pics, Leo didn't really get to enjoy it this year though he was a very good boy while just hanging in the stroller.

Our Peanut

5 months

6 months

Leo has grown so fast with all the chaos going on with, getting our house ready to sell, having it on the market, packing then moving! He has 2 teeth already, both on the bottom. He is also rolling over! He can consistently do it from his tummy to his back but not quite the other way. He is not sitting up by himself but is getting stronger everyday. He LOVES to laugh at his big sister (who also LOVES to make him laugh). Leo also is a talker. He is chatting to whoever will listen especially right after a bottle.

Dru is a concerned and caring big sister. While at the doctor for their well child visit, Dru had already had her shot and finger poke (without a tear) and was in the waiting room with Mama. Leo then had his 4 shots and was crying quite hard when Dru stopped what she was doing, with big eyes said, "Leo!" and came bursting back into the exam room to see what was wrong with him. She also is a great helper and will give Leo his pacifier if he drops it or is crying. Very sweet!

Our New House!

walkout rambler, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1/2 acre lot

We have officially moved in! It was a monumentous few weeks but are now settling in. We seem to be functioning better and getting into a rhythm now. We really enjoy our new space. Dru and Leo have their own rooms, we have a MUCH bigger dining room and a very spacious yard. Here are a few outside pics, will post some inside when I can take some in the daylight.

Catching up!

at the park 23 months
Swimming lessons

Bath Time