Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mom Love

                               by Dru (December 2014)
I wanted to make sure I saved this as proof for the day she isn't so fond of us.
It doesn't specify which one so it will work for either of us! HA!

Leo's Kinder Holiday Program

The kindergarten classes put on a holiday program for parents and grandparents last week. Leo's class performed in the afternoon with 2 other classes. All four grandparents were able to make it! Dru was able to leave class to be there to support him as well. He did such a great job and had a few moments I thought he might explode from excitement.
Watch and enjoy!
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5


Thanksgiving 2014

Yep, this is pretty typical.
We are thankful for these two crazies.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Santa Visit 2014

The kids had a day off from school on a Friday in November so I took advantage of it and made an appointment to visit Santa. We see him at the Mall of America and he is so good with the kids. Dru asked for a Doc McStuffins doll and Leo asked for Super Fun Marble Run. I sure hope Santa comes through for them, they have been trying to behave and work at it each day.

Family time for Dru's birthday

Dru chose Chuck E. Cheese's for her birthday outing. The four of us went for pizza and games on her actual birthday. They were able to choose a few trinkets with their tickets.
taking a ride with CEC

They played this for awhile

Skee Ball
 From the picture machine

Pile of tickets I was guarding at the table

Dru turns 7

Dru turned seven!! She chose a beach theme this time. Her family came to help her celebrate. She is lucky to have such wonderful people in her life. Thanks to all who made her feel special for her birthday.

 Reed shared the evening since he was sick for his birthday
Thanks everyone!

Zoo with Kaylee

On Saturday November 8th the kids and I met our friends Desi, Becky and baby Kaylee at the MN zoo. Here are some of my favorite photos from our visit. We see different animals each time we go.
 black and white colobus monkey


 sweet Kaylee
 ready for a nap
kids helping the staff fill the turtles' water pond

Busy Saturday: Nov. 1st

This was the last day of swimming lessons for their fall session. They both did well and enjoyed a little free time in the warm zero entry pool since they both passed their safety test. Before, I would have to be in the pool with them and wasn't always interested in having all three of us to change afterwards. They will start again in January.
 Leo practicing his back float (with Sammy)

 Working with a pole in the deep end
playing with her instructor Austin
Afterwards we met up with Reed, Heather and Grandma Sue and went to Chutes and Ladders park. It was a bit chilly so we didn't stay too long. The kids really enjoy all the different things to do there. Since we were in the neighborhood we stopped to visit the grave of my uncle Tom. He died in 2006 and I had not been there since the funeral. It is hard to believe he's been gone for 8 years, and that he wasn't able to meet the kids. We miss him.

Halloween 2014

 We were able to carve pumpkins outside due to the nice fall weather. They picked out their designs but mom still is helping do most of the work. I think they turned out pretty well.

Halloween was on a Friday this year and they happened to have the day off which was really nice. Dru was dressed as a vampiress and Leo was a ninja. We used make up for the first time and it was a cool look for both of them. Julie was a little sad that Dru didn't have a sweet costume. Trick or Treating was even more of a hit this year. They hit up more houses and did do some running from house to house, with a big haul of candy to show for it.


MEA Weekend

The four of us spent a couple of nights at a hotel in Lakeville during the kids' four day weekend in October. The kids spent time enjoying the waterpark and we took a trip to the World's Largest Candy Store in Jordan. The candy store is truly ginormous with all sorts of candy, soda, licorice and more to choose from. There are also strange sections like an "everything pickled" one. Lots of candy from the past as well. We had a fun time and recommend a local vacation!

 glass bottles of hundreds of sodas
 aisles full of any kind of candy
 water slide was a hit
 He can touch!
 Funny face
 pretend shower in the splash pad area
chillin' in the room