Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camping...uff da!

Leo decided that he belonged to the family reunion going on next to our cabin, and they thought he did too!

It rained a ton on Friday, so Saturday we played in the puddles.

Leo used his floatie for the first time on Saturday.

We improvised due to the nasty mosquitoes. It didn't work very well.

Our little swim girl. No floatie only because she was in the kiddie pool.

We took another camping trip mid July at the KOA in Albert Lea with my parents (I won't say annual trip quite yet). We stay in the camping cabin and thank goodness we do. It rained and stormed again this year. We even went to get pizza on Friday night because we couldn't do much else. It only took over an hour because Julie and my dad got lost. Friday night, Dru had a difficult time falling asleep so we decided we were just going to have to go to bed too after 3 hours of bedtime battle. Saturday we didn't fight it and let her stay up until we were ready to call it a night. That was much less frustrating! We had a great time when we could enjoy time outside. The kids loved the huge grass puddles and we were able to spend time in the pool. They can't swim on their own yet but amaze me in their improvement each time we get into a pool. I think we may attempt camping again next year but may switch locations just to try something new. I am just grateful we were not in a tent!

4th of July Parade and BBQ

Mariah, Ray and LeAnn before the parade.

Leo plugging his ears for the police sirens.

Julie BBQ-ing with her parents keeping her company

Yummy! Watermelon!

Airplane rides from Mariah.
Our 4th of July BBQ has been a tradition for most of the last 10 years or so. We start at the city parade and then head to our house for a BBQ then for those who wish we watch the fireworks at 10pm. We used to be able to see them out our front door but since we've move we can't. A few of us drove down the block to watch them from the school ball field and we could see quite well. Julie stayed home with the kids and was completely dumbfounded that they didn't wake up. She said the house was shaking and it was so loud. Thanks everyone for joining us again this year!!

Visit to Grandma Lois'

 Leo's first time getting measured on the wall.

 This corn field was next to the park we played at in Estherville.
(corn is apparently supposed to be knee high by the 4th of July)

 Breakfast (Dru has graduated to the stool which has been used for generations!)
The tricycle also used for generations and is still a big hit.

Over the 4th of July weekend the kids and I made a trip down to Iowa to see my grandmother. We get to see her a few times a year but don't make it down to her house very often. The kids enjoy it there since it is such a different place, so quiet and open. We were lucky for some nice weather except we drove through a horrible storm on Friday night. The kids and I shared a room so bedtime was a bit rough with them keeping each other awake. I was able to play some Farkle and Yahtzee with grandma which I enjoy (and beat her a few times, too). We were going to venture to church but Leo was too crabby, we decided not to attempt it. I hope grandma enjoys our time together as much as we do!

My 200th Post!!

Wow! I've been blogging about the kid(s) since I was pregnant with Dru. That was WAY back in 2007! I have really enjoyed being able to have a place to keep you all updated with the way our family has drastically changes over these 4 years. I realize that the updates don't come often enough for most of you though I always try to have an interesting event to post about. I look forward to keeping this blog for years to come so my hope is that you'll stay along with me.

As of this Tuesday, August 23rd, I will officially be a Robole. My last name will be legally changed (not hyphenated). This means the title to this blog must also change. We will now be the Robole family in whole. I do hope this means less confusion for people we encounter as the kids grow and enter school. Obviously I would have preferred to have a marriage certificate to authenticate what it means for my committment to Julie but I am optimistic we will have that opportunity in a few years.

Heidi Jo Robole

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Photos by AmandaLea

These photos were taken at the end of June by Amanda Sampeer ( Aren't they phenomenal!!?? The kids even had a shortened nap before hand. They were taken at Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve in Savage. There were some park "police" there and we were notified that we weren't supposed to be in the tall grass, it is an offense that comes with a fine. Oops :) They let us continue without a ticket, phew! It was muggy and hot and we did risk getting a few ticks, though after I flicked one off Leo's shorts that was the only one I found on us. I am looking forward to framing these for our house. The hard part is going to be which ones to choose.